The Choral Groups

photo 4The Arlington Children’s Chorus is composed of three choral tiers: the Dolce Chorus, the Troubadour Chorus, and the Bel Canto Chorus.

The Dolces are comprised of elementary school children in grades 2 and above, though younger children recommended by a music teacher may be accepted at the discretion of the Artistic Director. These young singers focus on basic vocal production, music reading, solfege, and rudimentary rhythmic training.

The repertoire is predominantly arrangements in English with texts suitable for this age group. This group begins study of music in at least one foreign language. Singers are introduced to the concept of “ensemble” rather than solo singing.

The Dolces appear in self-sponsored concerts and occasionally sing in independent concerts when opportunities for their special talents arise. Students spend an average of one to three years in this chorus before moving to the Troubadours.

The Troubadour Chorus is the Arlington Children’s Chorus’ intermediate level tier. Building on the skills acquired in the Dolce Chorus or another choral group, children are introduced to a higher level of musical and vocal development and learn music featuring more sophisticated musical structures, texts, voicing, and languages. The Troubadour Chorus can expect to perform four or more times during the year, including the ACC’s schedule of seasonal concerts and other community events. On occasion, individual students may be called upon to perform with the Bel Canto Chorus in major orchestral, operatic, and choral productions.

The Bel Canto Chorus represents the Arlington Children’s Chorus at national and regional events, as well as at special engagements with professional performing groups, including the National Symphony and the Wolf Trap Opera Company. Bel Cantos devour complex music that represents numerous styles and cultures in several foreign languages. These talented youngsters work to achieve superior sound as they become proficient in the highest level of artistic musicianship.


Photo Credit: Kristina Meacham, Cascades Photography

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